Crisis management planning: why a new reality demands a fresh approach

Originally published by International Public Relations Association (IPRA)
By: Jonathan Hemus

Anyone working in communication understands that effective crisis management is now more demanding than ever before. A swift and appropriate crisis communication response is essential if an organisation’s good name is to be preserved, and achieving this is largely down to the quality of planning undertaken before the crisis.  That’s always been the case, but new dynamics mean that essential elements of crisis planning have altered.

What are the factors driving this change?  It’s no surprise that social media tops the list.  When an Asiana aircraft crashed at San Francisco Airport on 6 July 2013, it took thirty seconds for the first photo of the incident to appear on Twitter. Thirty seconds: two minutes before the emergency slides were deployed.  So, social media dictates greater speed, imposes almost total transparency and spreads bad news further than ever before.

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