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Monthly Power Hours engage our employer members in a think tank intended to foster candid discussion and the evolution of ideas benefiting claims and risk professionals. Come equipped with an open mind and be ready to learn from your peers and knowledgeable industry speakers. You’ll walk away feeling energized, informed and armed with new takeaways to apply to your everyday professional life!

Some sessions contains both a presentation and a moderated conversation, while some are dialogue only. Topics will vary and cover the full spectrum of what’s happening in the industry and beyond.

Power Hours are open to employer members only. Not in the area? We broadcast all Power Hours in an interactive webinar.


What Members Are Saying

“The February Power Hour was a great opportunity to listen to a physician who has extensive background in research on opioid medications and ask questions about what we can do as claim managers to combat the overuse of these medications.  We also touched on some of the legal aspects for our workers’ compensation claims as well as liability issues involved in bringing employees back to work who are using these medications for any medical issue (work-related or not). The great outcome at the end was the expressed interest to revisit this topic of prescription management in claims and the legal aspects as a future topic (as a jump off from today’s discussion/presentation). This is what I joined GPECC for…the discussions between claim professionals on real-time issues in claims management.”

— Margo Toland, Asst. Director Insurance Services, Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Next Power Hour – March 2018

Legislating the Epidemic: How Regulation & Legislation are Impacting Opioid Prescribing
7:30 am – 8:00 am Coffee and Networking
8:00 am – 9:00 am Presentation

Since 2016, states have started to take independent action to address the overprescribing of opioids as a response to the national opioid overdose epidemic. Based largely upon the concept of limiting opioid use at the outset of treatment to stave off the potential for overuse and abuse, multiple states have now adopted similar rules that focus on prohibiting prescriber behavior in the initial phase of treatment. As we move forward with the battle against opioid overuse and abuse, the question is now being ask, “Is limiting how a physician treats their patients a reasonable solution?”

Reviewing existing opioid prescribing laws, worker’s compensation formulary laws, and new laws that are being proposed we will examine the effects that opioid prescribing limitations are having and discuss the opposition arguments that are being raised from the prescriber community.

*Power Hours are for Employer Members only.


Power Hour Presenter – Don Lipsy

Mr. Lipsy is a manager in the Managed Care Specialty Products division of Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.’s (Sedgwick). Specializing in pharmacy and utilization review, Don has over a decade of experience in the design and implementation of pharmacy and UR solutions specific to worker’s compensation.

A graduate of the University Of San Diego School Of Law, Don spent several years defending California State hospitals and doctors in medical malpractice and toxic tort litigation. As a result of that experience, Don chose to leave practice and enter the world of worker’s compensation specializing in regulatory compliance, research and advocacy.

Prior to joining Sedgwick, Don served as a director for Coventry Worker’s Compensation (a division of Aetna), where he led their pharmacy benefits programs government advocacy efforts.

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