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Monthly Power Hours engage our employer members in a think tank intended to foster candid discussion and the evolution of ideas benefiting claims and risk professionals. Come equipped with an open mind and be ready to learn from your peers and knowledgeable industry speakers. You’ll walk away feeling energized, informed and armed with new takeaways to apply to your everyday professional life!

Some sessions contains both a presentation and a moderated conversation, while some are dialogue only. Topics will vary and cover the full spectrum of what’s happening in the industry and beyond.

Power Hours are open to employer members only. Not in the area? We broadcast all Power Hours in an interactive webinar.


What Members Are Saying

“The February Power Hour was a great opportunity to listen to a physician who has extensive background in research on opioid medications and ask questions about what we can do as claim managers to combat the overuse of these medications.  We also touched on some of the legal aspects for our workers’ compensation claims as well as liability issues involved in bringing employees back to work who are using these medications for any medical issue (work-related or not). The great outcome at the end was the expressed interest to revisit this topic of prescription management in claims and the legal aspects as a future topic (as a jump off from today’s discussion/presentation). This is what I joined GPECC for…the discussions between claim professionals on real-time issues in claims management.”

— Margo Toland, Asst. Director Insurance Services, Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Next Power Hour: July 19, 2018

All Rise: Millennials and the Millennial Mindset in Claims and the Workplace
7:30 am – 8:00 am Coffee and Networking
8:00 am – 9:00 am Presentation

Millennials are the most studied generation in history. In this session, we will discuss the results of the leading studies about Millennial demographics, beliefs, and behaviors. We will discuss these factors and their relationship to the entire spectrum of liability claims from social media, to claims communication strategies, to jury selection involving millennials. Additionally, we will explore the advent of app-based work and the future of the workplace, which is being shaped by the preferences and behaviors of the largest working generational group. Throughout the session, we will discuss communication strategies and the media necessary to effectively communicate with and persuade claimants and jurors who fit a millennial profile. Please join us for this illuminating and engaging session.

*Power Hours are for Employer Members only.


Power Hour Presenter: Greg McKenna

Greg McKenna is the Senior Vice President for External Affairs at Gallagher Bassett. He manages Gallagher Bassett’s involvement with the industry’s major external stakeholder groups in the public sector, the community, academic institutions, and industry associations. The External Affairs group is GB’s primary liaison to the media, conferences and philanthropic groups on issues and events shaping our industry. External Affairs manages content distribution through various multimedia platforms, including GB’s digital newsroom called, The Network, direct subscription services, social media, publications and industry presentations. Greg is the co-author of The Way, GB’s weekly briefing of state and federal affairs affecting our industry. Greg serves as legislative and regulatory liaison to GB and its clients on critical issues affecting the risk and insurance industry.

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