Power Hour Testimonials

“I’m excited for the opportunity to partner with GPECC.  The ability to access this incredible wealth of knowledge as a group and then apply this information within our own organizations is an invaluable tool for all of us as individuals and for the risk management industry as a whole.”

David White
Manager of Business Development

“The June Power Hour provided great discussion on crisis management plans. I took a lot of information away from this presentation that I can use in my own business, not to mention it was timely since we are in the process of our annual ERP.”

Sam Jones
Safety Coordinator & OSHA Compliance Manager
Dietz & Watson

“The Greater Philadelphia Executive Claims Counsel hit another homerun with the March Power Hour. Lisa Iamonaco, as a Claims Manager for a large Third Party Administrator, laid bare the inter-workings of the TPA industry. I came away with a better understanding of how to evaluate a TPA in the ever changing business environment. The group’s questions and discussion around issues such adjuster compensation as well as the challenges of telecommuting were spirited and informative. The candor of the GPECC Power Hour is what keeps me coming back for more.”

Rick Graham
Director, Workers’ Compensation

“The Job Safety Analysis (JSA) cards used at JJ White laid out a great process for assessing risk.  Identifying potential hazards and identifying ways to eliminate the hazard for each task is applicable to the health care business as well!  I have shared this information with the Environment of Care Committee to implement in areas where we have ongoing exposures.  A great take-a-way for me!”

Barbara J. Ritz
Manager, Workers’ Compensation Claims Administration
Office of Risk Services
Temple University Health System

“I attended GPECC’s first Power Hour on February20th.  The presenters were Robert Celestino and Sean Joyce of JJ White who spoke on hazard recognition and risk analysis.  While their business is general construction in nature, their take on hazard recognition and risk analysis applies to all types of risk, exposures and businesses.  I found their presentation very informative and will be able to share their practices and procedures with my clients.”

Lisa Iamonaco
Claims Manager
Tristar Risk Management